Removal of On-Site Payment

Dear Members,

          Our last technical seminar was our first full online registration seminar, meaning we only accepted online registrations. The registration was purely online but the payment was done in two methods namely the “On-Site Payment” and the “Thru BPI Payment”. In on site payment there were two steps. You register online then pay at the seminar venue. On the other hand, in BPI Payment, there were three steps. You register online, deposit your payment to IECEP Manila BPI account, then email a scan or picture of the deposit slip to IECEP Manila and finally wait for the confirmation email.

          The IECEP Manila Board of Director had their monthly meeting during our last seminar and voted to remove the on site registration payment. The reason for the removal:

          Some members registered only but did not attend the seminar. The main purpose of registering is to make sure we reserve the right number of participants at the venue. Meaning, room size, food, and seating will depend on the number of people who registered online. It’s on a first come first serve basis. While we are happy that the seminar gets filled easily, there are still members who are willing to attend the seminar but unfortunately we cannot accommodate them anymore due to the limitation of the venue. The Board therefore decided to keep the online registration but the payment method to be “thru BPI” only. This way we can make sure that those who will register will surely attend the seminar. Participants who registered online will receive an email notifying him/her about the seminar 1 week before the seminar date and must pay and submit a deposit slip to IECEP Manila or the online registration/reservation will be cancelled.

          We hope that our members understand and will still continue to support IECEP – Manila Chapter.

          You will be guided accordingly through the online registration.