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New Board Passers

For the new board passers, your membership in the organization is being handled by the National Secretariat, unless you directly applied your membership at the IECEP Manila Office or indicated/requested in your form that you will be affiliated with Manila chapter. Please be advised that IECEP Manila is a chapter under IECEP Inc. (National) and that the two entities are different. To verify, please contact IECEP Inc. secretariat at (02)867-7187 or send them an email at

If you’re a member of IECEP National and wishes to transfer to IECEP Manila to avail our seminar discounts. Please note that you cannot immediately avail the discounts, you can only avail IECEP Manila privileges after your renewal.

Active Members who wish to transfer to other chapters

For those whose membership is still active but wishes to transfer to another chapter, please contact the chapter where you are currently affiliated and inform them your intent to transfer. They will be the one to coordinate with the chapter you will be transferring. Note that this takes a long time to process, transferring to IECEP Manila using this method may not automatically merit you to enjoy seminar discounts and other privileges.

Membership is about to expire

For those whose membership is about to expire or already expired, your chapter affiliation is where you will renew your membership (i.e. expired Manila Chapter member that will renew in a different Local Chapter, chapter affiliation after renewal is the different Local Chapter). If you are transferring to IECEP Manila with this method you can immediately enjoy all seminar discounts and offers from IECEP Manila.

Contact us

You may contact IECEP Manila by calling our land line number (02) 353 0778.

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